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The Best of 2011 – Posts & People Who Rocked Our World

Posted by jennita
What's better than unicorns and kittens happily leaping over rainbows with gold at the end? The Moz community, that's what!

At the end of every year we like to take a look back, not only at which posts made an impact, but w…

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Lady Gaga’s Twitter Hacked, 17M Followers Promised Free iPad 2s

We’re still working to confirm this, but it looks like someone has finagled their way into Lady Gaga’s insanely popular Twitter account. That, or the pop icon really did just offer free iPad 2s to all 17 million people that follower her (through th…

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This CheerLights display has a mind of its own

[Axel] wanted to participate in the CheerLights project this holiday season, but not one to always follow the rules he decided to make his display a bit different than most others out there. While the lights at his house are synchronized with the CheerLights project, he programmed his Cheeriobot with a little added personality. Normally, …

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Even Threatening Tweets are Free Speech, Judge Rules

Does posting thousands of threatening messages to Twitter targeted at single person constitute online stalking? Legally, the answer is now officially no.
Judge Roger W. Titus ruled, in the case of the U.S. versus William Lawrence Cassidy, that harassin…

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Apple gives Siri hackers a break

Things just got a little bit easier and possibly closer to legal for hackers trying to bring Apple’s digital personal assistant Siri to iOS devices other than the iPhone 4S, according to a prominent iOS hacker.
A recent update for iOS 5.01 (build 9A406…

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Judge dismisses Twitter stalking case

Ruling says Constitution protects “uncomfortable” speech, including tweets that predict a person’s violent death.

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[Ian] shops Akihabara

Hackaday alum and Dangerous Prototypes founder [Ian Lesnet] is in Japan and he’s been spending a lot of time at Akihabara Electric Town. For those that don’t recognize the name, this is an electronic components extravaganza with buildings packed full of small shops each specializing in different merchandise. For instance, we love this picture of a …

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6 Cool Ways to Supplement Your Open Site Explorer Data

Posted by richardbaxterseo
And so it ends. By the time this post goes live, Yahoo Site Explorer will be gone. Let’s take a moment to silently reflect on the passing of a once great SEO tool.

Thankfully, there are a heap of Yahoo Site Explorer …

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TaoSecurity Security Effectiveness Model

After my last few Tweets as @taosecurity on threat-centric vs vulnerability-centric security, I sketched this diagram to help explain my thinking.

Security consists of three areas of interest: 1) What defenders think should be defended, whether or not…

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