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Droid X Froyo update leaked, hackers move closer to custom ROMs

Two developments are rocking the world of Android geeks who happen to use the shiny new Droid X smartphone. First, a hacker figured out how to create a ClockworkMod recovery for the Droid X.

If you don’t know what that means, here’s the …

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Clockwork recovery released for the DROID X, ROM Manager support coming soon

This is not a *real* recovery. The way this recovery works is by hijacking portions of your boot process during system initialization and starting into recovery instead. So, if you hose your system *COMPLETELY* you will need to SBF. Specifica…

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Resolving SELinux Boot Error

Resolving SELinux Boot Error SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) is the feature included in Linux that offers several security policies using LSM (Linux Security Modules) in Linux Kernel. In other words, it is the set of security modifications that you can apply to your Linux system. The policies applied allow you to set your system as per […]

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Is Linux Just Another Unix Flavor?

What defines an operating system isn’t a geeky label or a collection of ramblings from the mouths of its community members. Nor is it some empty and pointless certification offered up by an obscure group of malcontented purveyors of “standards.”

An op…

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