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Chumby transplant and hardware upgrade used with DSLR and WFT

The Chumby One comes in a nice little case and features an ARM powered board with a touchscreen interface. [Bobby] thought is was a good starting point, but wanted a more portable version to use as a wireless file transfer device for photography. WFT is a connectivity enhancement for digital cameras that allows pictures to …

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BackTrack 5.0 updated with new tools

We’re finally ready to release BackTrack 5 R1. This release contains over 120 bug fixes, 30 new tools and 70 tool updates. We will be rolling out some howto’s on our wiki in the next few days, such as VMWare tool installation, alternate compat-wire…

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Microsoft starts to talk Windows 8, all but confirms App Store

After months of near silence, Microsoft is starting to talk publicly about Windows 8. Earlier this week the company started a new “Building Windows 8″ blog, and Windows Live Division President Steven Sinofsky provided the first concrete information abo…

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Dedicated hacker adds USB capabilities to his Commodore 64

To say that Commodore 64 aficionados are a dedicated group would be quite the understatement. There are still quite a few individuals that spend all sorts of time building and programming for the C64 in order to make using them enjoyable, and to keep up to date with current technologies. [Luigi] is one of these …

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Fonera-based quadcopter can be controlled from a web browser

[Tiakson] just wrapped up the construction of a quadcopter which piqued our interest due to the unexpected mix of hardware he used. A good portion of the copter is made up of the essential bits we have come to expect from a quad rotor system. Instead of using an Xbee or hobby wireless controller however, …

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Torvalds officially releases Linux 3.0

Linux 3.0 is official here, but users expecting a swathe of fundamental changes to the kernel will find little to surprise them as the project celebrates its twentieth birthday.
Announced by Linux founder Linus Torvalds – on his Google+ profile, oddly …

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Reverse engineering embedded device firmware

While not necessarily an easy thing to learn, the ability to reverse engineer embedded device firmware is an incredibly useful skill. Reverse engineering firmware allows you to analyze a device for bugs and vulnerabilities, as well as gives you the opportunity to add features if you happen to be so inclined. When it comes to …

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A Web of (Mis)Trust – Comodogate Part II

Since we posted about the compromised CA incident and related browser fixes, the incident has been labeled “Comodogate”. Quite a bit of information has been released since then. There is even a voice that claimed responsibility for the breach, alleged…

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Apple Has Patched Comex’s Exploit in iOS 4.3.1

The cat and mouse game between Apple and jailbreakers is getting intense. Apple got real serious when they added ASLR to iOS 4.3 and forced iDevice hackers back to their drawing boards. But members of the jailbreak community responded, a tethered jailb…

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