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ICO claims ‘significant progress’ in war on spam texts

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) claims to have made significant progress in finding those responsible for bothering UK citizens with mobile spam.
The data protection watchdog today said it was almost certain it knew who was behind spam mess…

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Investigations to begin into political websites attacked and taken offline during elections

Investigations to begin into political websites attacked and taken offline during elections Several Russian liberal websites became victims of distributed denial of service attacks on Sunday, December 4, the day of parliamentary elections in Russia.

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The Mystery of Duqu: Part Two

Our investigation and research of Duqu malware continues. In our previous report, we made two points:there are more drivers than it was previously thought; it is possible that there are additional modules.Besides those key points, we concluded that unl…

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House Cybersecurity Task Force Report Released

The House Cybersecurity Task Force released its report (.pdf) today. NextGov offers a good summary in their story House GOP Cyber Task Force Touts Industry Leadership by Jessica Herrera-Flanigan.The report includes the following recommendation:Companie…

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Hackers Steal Kenyan ICC Witness Emails

INTERNET spies have hacked into the email of ICC witnesses. Two witnesses under protection abroad confirmed yesterday that some of their emails had leaked and their confidential information was being circulated by some individuals.
The hackers have now…

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Facebook, Twitter and RIM to meet home secretary about riots

Executives at the main social media networks and messaging outlets – Facebook, Twitter and RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) – are set to meet home secretary Theresa May today, to discuss their products’ usage in the UK riots.
Two weeks ago, rioters cau…

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Student apparently penetrated Facebook servers

In one of the first cases of its kind in Britain, Glenn Steven Mangham, 25, used “considerable technical expertise” to repeatedly bypass security at the world’s dominant social network, it was claimed.

The student, from York, faces five charge…

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Credit card cabal collared

NSW Police has arrested five men responsible for what it describes as an international credit card fraud operation.
After investigations that began in 2009, the police executed three search warrants yesterday in metropolitan Sydney, retrieving EFTPOS t…

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Feds investigate $17m of missing kit at CompUSA

CEO out, SEC and FBI in as gear disappears in Miami
The FBI have taken charge of investigations into the reported theft of $17m (£10.4m) worth of electronics allegedly stolen from Systemax-owned CompUSA by two brothers of fired exec Gilbert Fiorentino…

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Australia toughens cybercrime laws

Conventional thinking
Australian carriers and ISPs will be forced to retain customer’s private data such as email and text messages by police and authorities, without a warrant, if it is required for investigations into cybercrime.…

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