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Make your own spray paint cans

[Mikeasaurus] found a way to build his own refillable spraypaint canister. The donor vessel used here is a plastic soda bottle. It’s a great choice since it is engineered to house a pressurized liquid and you can find them for free by intercepting a satisfied soda consumer before they reach the recycling bin. He repurposed …

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An introduction to stepper motors

If you’ve been reading Hack a Day for long enough, you know about our infatuation with stepper motors. These precious little devices put the oomph into our CNC routers, 3D printers, robots, and other miscellaneous projects. Steppers aren’t your run-of-the-mill motors, though. [Steaky] posted a great introduction to stepper motors that lets you hit the …

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Siri as a lippy and sometimes profane television remote

If the addition of Siri to your iPhone has given you a somewhat-real life companion (and hope that you might not be forever alone) this hack is right up your alley. [Todd Treece] built a hardware fixiture for the living room which bridges the gap between Apple’s new digital assitant and your television. The box itself …

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HP douses firebomb printer hack threat

Prof warns of dirty firmware explosives risk
Researchers claim to have discovered a security flaw in HP LaserJet printers that permits the installation of malicious firmware that might be capable of disabling safety controls.…

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Four arrested in connection with AT&T hack

Suspects in the Philippines linked to terrorist group that funded deadly attacks on Mumbai in 2008, police say.

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Four hack suspects linked to terrorist group

AT&T hack suspects arrested in the Philippines worked for terrorist group that funded deadly attacks on Mumbai in 2008, police say.

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Engine Hacks – A DIY Methane Generator

All “methane generator” jokes aside, This one actually serves a useful purpose. Although not an engine hack per se, methane can be used to run an engine. As the traditional method of powering an internal combustion engine, gasoline, gets more and more expensive, alternatives will have to be found. If you happen to live on …

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A No-touchscreen Picture Frame?

Many people have touch-screen devices, however, this hack claims to be the first picture frame to feature a “no-touch” interface. Although someone somewhere certainly has a digital picture frame hooked up to a “Clapper”, we’re going to give [Wasabi] the benefit of the doubt. After buying a Microtouch kit from Adafruit several months ago with …

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Weekly Roundup 9/10/11

In case you missed them, here are the most popular posts from the previous week. Our most popular post was one of our Engine Hacks about a remote control airplane built by [Bruce Simpson] that has a pulse jet attached to it. It’s noisy and fast! Want to wake up the whole neighborhood, fly one …

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