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Wax Motors Add Motion to Your Projects


[electronicsNmore] has uploaded a great teardown and tutorial video (YouTube link) about wax motors. Electric wax motors aren’t common in hobby electronics, but they are common in the appliance industry, which means the motors can be often be obtained cheaply or for free from discarded appliances. Non-electric wax motors have been used as automotive coolant thermostats for years.  Who knows, this may be just what the doctor ordered for your next project.

As [electronicsNmore] explains, wax motors are rather simple devices. A small block of wax is sealed in a metal container with a movable piston. When heated, the wax … Read the rest

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Names, ages, addresses, SSNs of US postal staff slurped in ‘mega-hack’

Beware of the dog … or the dragon?

The US Postal Service has called in the FBI after hackers apparently grabbed names, addresses, social security numbers and other sensitive records from its staff database.…

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Apple devices vulnerable to hacker attack that mimics app names

Hackers are targeting devices that run Apple Inc. operating systems by creating fake programs that mimic real e-mail and game applications to steal a user’s information, cybersecurity company FireEye Inc. said. FireEye is calling the trick a Masque Att…

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Targeted cyber attacks to become ‘rampant’ in the Middle East

Targeted cyber attacks will become rampant in the Middle East, as hackers from the usual suspects have found success targeting victims around the world, a report said. The annual security predictions report ” Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2015 a…

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Hackaday Prize Finalist: An Un-noodly Spectrometer


And so we come to the final finalist bio for The Hackaday Prize. In only three days, we’ll know whether [fl@C@]‘s RamanPi Spectrometer or one of the four other projects to make it into the finals round will be making it to space, or only Japan.

There are a surprising number of spectrometer projects out there on the Intertubes, but most of these setups only measure the absorption spectrum – literally what wavelengths of light are absorbed by the material being measured. A Raman spectrometer is completely different, using a laser to illuminate the sample, and measuring the scattering of … Read the rest

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iPhone, iPad bug lets hackers install evil apps by email, text – FireEye

Claim: Security fumble leaves non-jailbroken iOS 7, 8 open to password stealing etc

Security researchers have delved further into the vulnerability in non-jailbroken iOS 7 and iOS 8 devices that was exploited by the WireLurker malware.…

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Hacker busted for cracking private, government networks did so with ease

Cocaine dealers, bank robbers and carjackers converge at Manchester Federal Prison in rural Kentucky – and then there is Jeremy Hammond, a tousle-haired and talented hacker whose nimble fingers have clicked and tapped their way into the nation’s comput…

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Postal Service Says It Is Victim Of Hacking Attack

The U.S. Postal Service says it’s the victim of a cyber attack and that information about its employees, including Social Security numbers, may have been compromised. Postal Service spokesman David Partenheimer says personal information that may have b…

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Probe into Rome mayoral data hacker

Rome, November 10 – Rome prosecutors opened an investigation Monday after Mayor Ignazio Marino charged someone “manipulated and falsified” his data in the city’s computerized list of permits to drive in the city center. Eight 80-euro fines were slapped…

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Darkhotel malware targets top execs using swish suite networks

Corporate bosses clobbered as they sleep

Corporate bigwigs are coming under attack from a shadowy new group that spreads malware by hijacking luxury hotels’ networks.…

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