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Fancybox WordPress plugin reveals zero day affecting thousands

To the patch-o-tron, admins!

A WordPress plugin downloaded half a million times has been used in zero day attacks that served up malware.…

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Health Care Industry Prime Target For Cyber Attacks

Anthem is still trying to get a handle on the extent of the latest cyber attack that could affect as many as 80 million people. If you are affected, the company says you will receive a letter in the mail in the coming weeks.

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Benchmarking The Raspberry Pi 2

The Raspberry Pi has only been available for a few days, but already those boards are heading through the post office and onto workbenches around the world. From the initial impressions, we already know this quad-core ARMv7 system boots in about half the time, but other than that, there aren’t many real benchmarks that compare the new Raspberry Pi 2 to the older Raspi 1 or other similar tiny Linux dev boards. This is the post that fixes that.

A word of warning, though: these are benchmarks, and benchmarks aren’t real-world use cases. However, we can glean a little bit …read more

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Add Extra Storage to Your PS4 With Retro Flair

[Frank] came up with a clever way to extend the storage of his PS4. He’s managed to store his digital PS4 games inside of storage devices in the shape of classic NES cartridges. It’s a relatively simple hack on the technical side of things, but the result is a fun and interesting way to store your digital games.

He started out by designing his own 3D model of the NES cartridge. He then printed the cartridge on his Ultimaker 3D printer. The final print is a very good quality replica of the old style cartridge. The trick of this build …read more

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New London Anthem Insurance Customers Face Threat of ID Theft

Connecticut’s attorney general and the state Insurance Department are offering advice to the state’s customers of Anthem Insurance on Thursday after a security breach left customers vulnerable to potential identity theft. “Anthem was the target of a ve…

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Obama to tap VMware’s Tony Scott as federal CIO

President Barack Obama announced plans to appoint VMware’s Tony Scott as the federal chief information officer.
If the appointment goes through, Scott would be the third CIO and would take the place of Steven VanRoekel, who left the job to work as the …

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Is Windows Phone here to stay? Satya Nadella says ‘Absolutely’

Microsoft’s smartphone platform, Windows Phone, has not lived up to the expectations that the company outlined when they dropped Windows Mobile many years ago. Windows Phone, as of right now, holds roughly 4% of the smartphone markets and for a company…

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How Eastern Europe’s villains changed sides in the malware war – and made you protect your PC

He called himself Dark Avenger. Nobody knew who he was. Back in the late 1980s, when Bulgaria was still a communist country, he engineered clever viruses that passed from one floppy disk to another. His code reached Western Europe and the US and brough…

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Internet lobs $$$s at dev of crucial GPG tool after he runs short of cash

Werner Koch is looking at a big payday after pulling in over $150,000 to fund the continuing development of his crucial open-source GNU Privacy Guard encryption tools.
Koch, 53, is a leading light in the free software movement: in 1999, he released GPG…

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RadioShack files for bankruptcy

Electronics retailer RadioShack Corp filed for U.S. bankruptcy protection on Thursday and said it had a deal in place to sell as many as 2,400 stores to an affiliate of hedge fund Standard General, its lender and largest shareholder.
Wireless company S…

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