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Microsoft RE-BORKS Windows 7 patch after reboot loop horror

Twice-issued fix still giving world+dog massive headache

Reports are emerging that a twice-issued Microsoft Windows 7 patch is still causing pain for users, with some claiming the fix is triggering continuous reboots.…

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OpenDNS snags network monitoring service BGPmon

Don’t go messing with my net traffic flows

Cloud security firm OpenDNS is buying network and routing monitoring services outfit BGPmon. Financial terms of the deal, announced on Thursday, were not disclosed.…

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Doppler Gesture Sensing in JavaScript

[Daniel] stumbled on an interesting paper (which we featured before) on Doppler gesture sensing using only a computer’s speaker and microphone. Unfortunately the paper didn’t include source code so [Daniel] created his own implementation of Doppler gesture sensing in JavaScript that works right in the browser.

[Daniel]’s JavaScript library generates a sine wave at 20 kHz that’s played through the computer’s speakers. The frequency is high enough that it’s pretty much inaudible. While the tone is being played through the speakers, the computer’s microphone is used to sample the audio and calculate the frequency spectrum of the signal. As you …read more

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‘Get your privacy policy down to one page': AVG CEO throws glove down

Scammy download sites? Government snooping? Run of the mill for Gary Kovacs

Interview The Register caught up with AVG (and ex Mozilla) CEO Gary Kovacs at Mobile World Congress last week.…

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‘Catch Me If You Can’ conman Frank Abagnale says technology makes fraud easier

Frank Abagnale spent five years in French, Swedish and American prisons after being arrested in France in 1970. Photo: James Addock The man who made $2.5 million in the 1960s as a teenager faking identities as an airline pilot, lawyer and doctor now wo…

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Google tells world where Apps users live after WHOIS SNAFU

Registration bug saw WHOIS privacy switch flicked to OFF after domain renewals

Names, home and email addresses, and phone numbers for a whopping 282,867 Google Apps domains have been exposed through previously borked private WHOIS records, Cisco boffins say.…

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Security vendor’s blog post pinched to make HMRC phish look legit

TrustWave fights off attack of the poison .PNG from the past

Netcraft has found that security firm TrustWave inadvertently gave phishers a helping hand.…

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Rocket Controls Fit for a Kerbal

Kerbal Space Program is a space simulation game. You design spacecraft for a fictional race called Kerbals, then blast those brave Kerbals into space. Sometimes they don’t make it home.

If controlling spacecraft with your WASD keys isn’t immersive enough for you, [marzubus] has created a fully featured KSP control console. It sports a joystick, multiple displays, and an array of buttons and switches for all your flight control needs. The console was built using a modular approach, so different controls can be swapped in and out as needed.

Under the hood, three Arduinos provide the interface between the game …read more

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Now, hackers have found a way to blackmail gamers

You visit a hacked website or download an evil file, and it encrypts files on your computer and won’t give them back until you pay money to designated account. Now two security researchers have found a new type of ransomware that slips in through Flash…

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Bugcrowd seals $6 million Series A funding round

Costanoa Venture Capital, Rally Ventures, Paladin Capital, and Australia’s Blackbird Ventures have pitched in for a $6 million Series A funding round for online crowdsourced security testing startup Bugcrowd.
The capital-raising effort, which was led b…

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