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Redesigning the RC tank

[Vincent] started building¬†this tank¬†(translation)¬†with a¬†regular¬†hobby model: the Heng Long Tiger 1.¬†However, after considering some goals for the project, he decided to nearly gut the tank and redesign it, basing it on the Arduino and a standard Motor¬†Shield. The possibilities with this setup are nearly endless. In its current form, the ArduTiger detects obstacles in front …

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Bench power supply resetting thingy

As is common among some hackers, [Henry]¬†re-purposed¬†an ATX power supply unit to function as a bench power supply for testing circuits on a breadboard (much like¬†this fancy example). However, safety mechanisms on some modern PC PSUs do not automatically reset after over-current¬†protection has kicked in, which soon became annoying for [Henry]. In order to make …

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Free (‚Ķas in ‚Äėfree beer‚Äô) ARM kit

NXP holds a lot of market share for their ARM based solutions as it is. That’s why we were a little surprised when we found a link on their website announcing that they were giving away free LPCXpresso development boards, based on their Cortex-M0 line. Catches? Unfortunately there are a few to get the board …

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STK200 pocket change programmer

A¬†common¬†complaints¬†of beginners to microcontroller programming is the availability¬†of DIY tools that do not require a parallel port.¬† Using¬†not much more than a couple of 74xx¬†series chips and¬†some protoboard, [Rue] was able to create an AVR programmer for less than the cost of¬†some chips it can program – giving¬†parallel programmers a run for thier¬†money.¬†[Rue]¬†used Linux treat …

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Have a face for radio?

The help of¬†fellow members of the¬†Austrian¬†technology collective/hackerspace [Otelo] allowed [Georg]¬†to develop¬†a networked¬†audio streaming¬†board, with less than $20 worth of components. Dubbed the OggStreamer for obvious reason, it’s designed¬†to relay audio from a mixing board to an Icecast server (an open source¬†implementation of SHOUTcast)¬†in real-time. The board is based on the STM8 Discovery kit and the …

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DIY Guided Missile (…err model rocket)

Hackers [Navic] and [K.o.D] have fitted an Arduino Pro Mini and an array of components into an off the shelf rocketry kit to create a guided model rocket, taking the whole idea of Arduino-based space technology to another level The Arduino reads signals from internally mounted accelerometers, and adjusts balsa fins (via 4 micro servos) …

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