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New e-scams to watch out for

Recent e-scams that attempt to steal money have been reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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‘Super-powerful’ Flame worm actually boring BLOATWARE

More Jabba the Hutt than lean Windows killing machine
Analysis Flame may be big in size but it’s nothing like the supposedly devastating cyberwarfare mega-weapon early reports of the malware suggested. This new nasty is quite complex by design, yet res…

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Data logging directly to Google Docs (Google Drive)

[Emanuele] is using Google Docs to log his temperature sensor data automatically (translated). We can see a few benefits gained by using this system. One is that you don’t have to visit the site of the logging hardware to harvest the data, another is that Google will automatically graph the data for you. Of course this …

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Triangle-grid LED display

[Dearmash] put together this RGB LED display using triangles for each pixel. It’s an interesting deviation from the traditional grid layout. There are two video demos after the break. The first is a plasma-style pattern generated in Processing. The second is a spinning color wheel which would be perfect if synchronized with your Photoshop color …

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Flame continues to threaten, more attacks to follow

The highly sophisticated malware ‘Flame,’discovered by Kaspersky Lab, infecting targeted systems in the Middle East and North Africa, has been labelled, ‘one of the most complex threats ever discovered.’ Commenting on this latest threat, Wieland Alge o…

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LED bicycle hack makes sure you’re seen at night

The bicycle tail and head lights that we’re accustomed to are small add-on modules. This take on the idea uses strips of LEDs to protect you from behind. They’re very bright, matching the pair of LED headlights that are attache to the handlebars. Apparently [A.Davis12] had some LED strips laying around. There’s not what we’re …

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Dollar store arc reactor build

Some people have a real knack for sourcing parts at the dollar store. [James] is one of those people, having built this Arc Reactor replica using mostly dollar store goods. The light source is an LED disk light that was removed from its enclosure. A sink strainer, the plastic holder from a package of sewing …

Read More Slick Hack Attack down to poor end-user security settings, says Avecto

A US military dating Web site was recently hacked. Its database was leaked after it reportedly ‘blindly trusted’ user submitted files.The cause of this event was an admin level user’s Windows settings were compromised according to Avecto.

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University of Nebraska may have found hacker

The University of Nebraska says it has identified a person who may have hacked into a database containing personal data on students, alumni, parents and university employees.

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Ex-News of the World editor charged

Police in Scotland charged a former spokesman of British Prime Minister David Cameron with perjury on Wednesday for remarks made in court over the phone hacking scandal at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp media empire.

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