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  • Anonymous plans Christmas offensive with Lulzxmas

    Hacktivist group Anonymous has announced its intention to steal from banks and "bring happiness and gratitude to families around the globe" with a new campaign called 'DestructiveSec'.

    In a statement it said "this Christmas we wish to give back to the people who had everything taken" and "this Christmas we are stealing from the banks who stole from you and giving you back what was rightfully yours in the first place". It gave no hint to its target, saying: “Any Country. Any Age. Anything. We're giving Santa Claus a break this year.”

    Another statement issued last week on Anon News said that "a new Anonymous action has surfaced, dedicated to granting wishes to people who are less fortunate than most over this coming holiday season"; it named the action ‘Lulzxmas'. The operation is apparently being run by two "very well-known hackers" called ‘Charrie' and ‘LulzFunny'. They were quoted as saying: “We're both well known for hacking but have never done this sort of thing and neither have any hackers before!”

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