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  • Anonymous hits with a double attack

    Anonymous came out with two high-profile attacks on Thursday afternoon. First, the group claimed credit for defacing the site of the Texas police chiefs and leaking documents and e-mails from law enforcement officials. It also claimed credit for taking down the site of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California around 6:30 p.m. on Thursday.

    The site was down less than 45 minutes before it was restored.

    Some of the e-mails the group leaked earlier in the afternoon appear to be damaging, if a portion of the e-mails posted online is any indication. Many e-mails appear to include racist, lewd or homophobic language. “These officers betrayed the trust citizens have in them by choosing be drones of the system rather than protectors of freedom and the peace of their communities,” the group wrote, vowing to continue hacking despite the recent arrests of several people tied to Anonymous.

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