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  • And The Winning City for #MozCation Is…

    Posted by jennita

    MozCationCome on now, you didn't think I'd spill beans just like that did you? Before I give you the goods, let me refresh your memory in case this is the first time you're hearing about MozCation. A few weeks ago, we asked people to create some sort of unique content and tell us why we should have an SEOmoz Meetup (aka MozCation) in their city.

    Overwhelming Response

    The nominations started in rather slowly and at first we thought that perhaps MozCation would be a complete failure! Soon a number of nominations started trickling in, however people weren't creating new content. They were simply linking to city government websites and wikipedia pages... which wasn't what we were looking for. There was an email thread going around internally about how we needed to write another post explaining better what we were looking for.

    But then, the first "real" nomination came in from Peru. We were delighted and quite surprised, we were unaware we had a following in Peru (little did we know), and the retweets started rolling in. Soon after, Portsmouth, NH was nominated and then Calgary. By this time, we were excited that we were getting some unique submissions and figured we'd have a handful of cities to pick from. What we didn't realize was that the next nomination would be for Spain, and it would change the whole game. Gianluca had bought the domain and built an entire site! Holy game changer. Soon after, people started creating Twitter and Facebook accounts, building websites and rallying their local communities. Check out all the submissions below. :)

    Picking A City

    Whew. Now, how on earth do we pick one city out of all the great nominations we received? Well, we decided we didn't have to. We're the keeper of the rules, and in true TAGFEE fashion, we decided to pick four cities instead. :) I don't want to ruin all the fun, so I'll just let Rand spill the beans:

    (Be sure to watch the entire video!)

    The Nominees

    Take a look at all 15 nominated cities in no particular order. Everyone worked really hard on these sites, pages, videos, etc. I know they'd love for you to take a peek at all their hard work.

    Cleveland, OH

    Title: The Decision 2011

    Nominated by: @FathomSEO

    San Luis Obispo, CA

    Title: Roger, Come to the Happiest Place in America

    Nominated by: @NugeKnows

    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Title: Why SEOmoz Should Come To Brazil

    Nominated by: @fabioricotta

    Orlando, FL

    Title: MozCation Orlando

    Nominated by: @MozcationMCO a group at Full Sail University

    Lima, Peru

    Title: MozCation In Lima

    Nominated by: @MozcationLima

    Spain (various cities)

    Title: Why SEOmoz Must Take Roger To Spain

    Nominated by: @gfiorelli1

    Calgary, AB Canada

    Title: SEOmoz Come To Calgary… Or Else!

    Nominated by: @calindaniel

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Title: Where's Roger Mozbot

    Nominated by: @ahogenhaven

    Porstmouth, NH

    Title: It's Time for MozCon Portsmouth, NH

    Nominated by: @DaveCurrierSEO

    Indianapolis, IN

    Title: Roger... STOP... Save Indianapolis....STOP!

    Nominated by: @flea_spano


    Now What?

    Yes we chose four cities, but we will still be holding at least one more round of nominations for another MozCation later in the year. So if you missed out this time, or if your city wasn't chosen, keep a watch on the blog! We'll be announcing open nominations again in a couple months. So stay tuned! We'll also keep you up-to-date on dates/times for all the MozCation events coming up.

    Thank You

    Never did we imagine that we'd get so many nominations. The sheer number of tweets that came in for #MozCation was enough to humble us. Thank you to everyone who worked hard to nominate their city. You've made is so proud to be a part of this amazing community. We look forward to seeing you all!


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