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Samsung installs keylogger on its laptops

A user discovered a keylogger pre-installed on two brand-new Samsung laptops that the company admitted was there to “monitor the performance of the machine and to find out how it is being used.”

Mohamed Hassan wrote in Mich Kabay’s Security Str…

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Is Samsung imitating Sony?

Researcher’s claim: ‘I logged your logger’

Updated: denied by Samsung
If this is true, it could be the stupidest thing any laptop manufacturer has ever done: NetworkWorld is reporting the discovery of keyloggers on brand-new Samsung laptops.…

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Briar Group pays up for data breach

Disqus March 30, 2011 Briar Group pays up for data breach Wed Mar 30, 2011, 05:00 AM EDT – A company that runs several popular Boston bars and restaurants has agreed to pay a $110,000 penalty to settle a lawsuit by the state attorney general alleging i…

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How to detect and remove StarLogger

Finding out whether your Samsung laptop has a keylogger surreptitiously installed and figuring out how to remove it are not as hard as you might think.

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Snuggle up with the softer side of hacking

Not all hacks need to be made up of servo motors, wireless radios, and PIR sensors. Sometimes hacking has a softer side, of which [Katie] reminds us with her latest creation. Her LED quilt incorporates 64 hand-sewn LEDs, all of which were painstakingly attached with conductive thread. The same thread was used in a sewing …

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Oscilloscope thinks it’s a video monitor

There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. Where would we be if we listened to advice like that? [Eric] writes that with a fairly simple circuit, he’s able to split a composite video signal into its constituent X and Y ramp signals for display on his trusty …

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Are there keyloggers on Samsung laptops? (UPDATE: No, there aren’t)

Researcher says he found keylogging software on two new Samsung laptops and went public after getting no response from Samsung spokespeople for a week. Samsung says the report is erroneous.

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“Stupid expert” builds a machete slingshot for the impending zombie apocalypse

Sometimes people build things for the simple challenge of building. This is one of those cases. The gentleman you see in the image above is [Jörg Sprave] of The Slingshot Channel. He is a self-proclaimed “Supid Expert” on the subject of slingshots and has taken his love of flinging things at absurd velocities to a …

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Jacob’s Ladder makes itself at home in a floppy disk box

[Plasanator] adds a bit of safety to his Jacob’s Ladder by housing it in a familiar enclosure. It doesn’t take very many components to make one of these, but to get the high voltage you’ll need some type of coil. He’s using one from the electrical system of an old car, then building around it …

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Comodo: Web attack broader than initially thought

A week after Comodo revealed that one of its registration authorities was compromised and digital certificates were stolen, it discloses that another reseller was compromised.

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