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Private emails exposing agencies to cyber threat

PUBLIC servants sending private emails are exposing government agencies to hackers and WikiLeaks-style security threats and could be targeted by spies, the Auditor-General warned yesterday.

The Australian National Audit Office wants government agencie…

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iOS 4.3.1 Early Hands On: Improved Battery Life?

iOS 4.3.1 is expected to roll out in the coming weeks but that hasn’t stopped the update from leaking prematurely to a handful of developers and media outlets. BGR for one has just reported that one of their Apple connects have installed iOS 4.3.1 to t…

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Exclusive interview with PS3 hacker Youness Alaoui (KaKaRoTo)

Most people following video game console manufacturer Sony’s ongoing cross-continental legal struggle with hackers have become familiar with a few names: George Hotz, graf_chokolo and the hacker collective fail0verflow. All three are currently b…

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Chronic Dev-Team Fixes the SHAtter Exploit for the A5 Chip

iPad 2 owners waiting for an official jailbreak can breathe easy knowing that a solution may be in the works thanks to the Chronic Dev-Team It’s hard to say right now, but the most outspoken member of the team, p0sixninja (aka Joshua Hill) recently pos…

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Microsoft warns of hack attempt on Windows Live, Google, Yahoo, Skype, Mozilla

Microsoft issued a warning today that nine fraudulent digital certificates were issued by root certificate authority, Comodo Group. Although the certificates were quickly revoked, their initial release still poses a threat to browser users, including u…

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Nintendo 3DS Game Manuals Warn Gamers: Nintendo Can Brick Systems

Despite all of Nintendo’s attempts to block R4 flash carts from working on their DS handhelds, the hackers and pirates always seemed to prevail. For every firmware update and hardware revision Nintendo pushed out to squash game pirating, the hac…

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PS3 Hacker ‘Geohot’ Has Fled The Country

George Hotz, the man accused of illegally hacking the PlayStation 3, has reportedly fled the country to South America, according to a filing by Sony.

In the filing, posted to the Justia Web site, Sony Computer Entertainment of America claims Hotz, als…

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Kapersky: Number of smartphone threats has doubled

The number of smartphone users is growing exponentially every day. Devices once considered the domain of the privileged classes are now affordable to the masses, with some selling for as little as $100.

?Google’s Android OS has certainly made q…

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Only 9% (and falling) of US Internet users are P2P pirates

In its 2010 annual report, recorded music’s global trade body said that the industry would “struggle to survive unless we address the fundamental problem of piracy.” Just how “fundamental” a problem is that piracy? Not very, as new research suggests th…

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Rackspace accused of ‘controlling’ open source cloud project

Rackspace’s chief OpenStacker has quit the company, saying the ‘Linux-of-the-cloud’ initiative is not functioning properly as a community project and that it deserves full independence from Rackspace.

After just 18 months with Rackspace, OpenStack chi…

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