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Phishing scam masquerades as Adobe upgrade

Security provider Cloudmark continues to see more spam e-mails with fake notices promising an upgrade for Adobe Reader but instead trying to get users to provide their credit card info.

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PCBs without any substrate

[Kimio Kosaka] is taking the concept of free-formed circuits to the next level with O’Baka Project No.7. It’s a fully functioning Arduino board, without the board. The traces are there and provide all of the support for the rest of the hardware. You can imagine the fragility of the package so it won’t be a …

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EU parliament suspends webmail after cyber-attack

More than kids playing around
The European Parliament network has fallen under cyber-attack, leading to a suspension of webmail and other security restrictions.…

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The ElectroAxé Full-Body Percussion Suit

Carnival in Salvador, Brazil is arguably one of the biggest and craziest parties this world has ever known.  With millions in attendance for what is already an incredible audio and visual display, performers are faced with the daunting task of continually bringing something new and fresh to the masses. One could always add more fireworks …

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[Jason Scott] gets a job in a candy factory — kinda

Remember when you used to have to dial into a Bulletin Board System to connect with others through computers? How about those fond memories of phone phreaking? If you find that the details are fading in your mind you’ll be happy to know that [Jason Scott] is making sure they’ll never be forgotten. And now …

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Review of Computer Incident Response and Product Security Posted just published my three star review of Computer Incident Response and Product Security by Damir Rajnovic. From the review:When I first learned that Cisco Press was publishing a book about product security (Computer Incident Response and Prod…

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Review of pfSense: The Definitive Guide Posted just posted my five star review of pfSense: The Definitive Guide by Christopher M. Buechler and Jim Pingle and published by Reed Media. From the review:I have to admit that pfSense: The Definitive Guide (pTDG) caught me off guard. I expecte…

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Mini-Review of The Book of Pf Posted

Because I wrote a three star review of the first edition of The Book of Pf by Peter N.M. Hansteen, won’t allow me to write a review of the second edition. So, I added the following comment to my old review indicating that I think the second…

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Using TouchOSC with your projects

[Marcus] wrote a guide to using TouchOSC to control your projects. He sent a link to us after reading our feature about using Open Sound Control for Arduino without an Ethernet shield. He’s been using that method for quite some time now, but takes it one step further by using a smartphone as a control …

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Facebook scams becoming increasingly multilingual

When I was checking Facebook this morning, I spotted some friends posting the same message all over their friends’ walls. Well, another likejacking scam I assumed. So I did what I usually do when this happens, I wrote them a quick note telling them to …

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