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Is Starbucks a Sweet Spot for Hackers Looking to Steal Identities?

Ah, the cafe. That charming European idea, a place for a stimulating brew, a nice pastry, a place for work, for leisure–and, increasingly, for the shared camaraderie of your fellow laptop-wielders. The only problem: That girl sitting next to you–the …

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Simple Malware Makes the Rounds

Malware creators are devising increasingly sophisticated ways of compromising their targets, as illustrated by the devilishly clever Stuxnet worm, which has been wreaking havoc in Iraq’s nuclear facilities over the past few months.

But malware doesn’t…

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Anonymous Explained: How a Web Movement Was Born

What happens when you put together thousands and thousands of creative, intelligent, and varied people on a community Web site with a broad scope and few rules? For starters, you get a massive exercise in group psychology and the meme concept put forth…

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Clever Scammer Ploys Illustrate the Need for Caution

Hackers sure are a driven bunch; it’s too bad that greed (or just plain mischievousness) is often the mother of invention. Not all hackers are “black hats”; I know that some hackers dedicate themselves to exposing security issues so that they can be fi…

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Rogue Android app will run up your bill

According to security firm Symantec, an Android app that found itself in the hands of Chinese hackers is hijacking infected smartphones and charging clueless owners. The free app is called Steamy Window, which was modified with a backdoor Trojan added …

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Infected Android app runs up big texting bills

A rogue Android app that’s been tweaked by hackers can hijack a smartphone and run up big texting bills before the owner knows it, Symantec said today.

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House plans first vote to overturn Net neutrality rules

House of Representatives panel announces vote Wednesday on resolution of disapproval saying FCC’s controversial Internet regulations “shall have no force or effect.”

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