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Sony Ericsson to Unlock Bootloader in Xperia Models

Developers and hackers, rejoice! Sony Ericsson will be unlocking the bootloader for a handful of its newer models, meaning no more painstaking custom unlocks and ROM hunts. Plus, it’s all totally legit, so no more grey areas regarding hacking legalitie…

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NASA network holes may jeopardize missions

Lax security makes NASA computer network for missions vulnerable to attacks that would have “catastrophic effect,” according to the Office of Inspector General.

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FBI probes Comodo Web security breach

FBI and Italian police investigate how hacker managed to convince N.J. security firm to issue it digital certificates for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, other major Web sites.

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Wireless luge timer levels the playing field

In Colorado, amateur luge competitions are serious business. Every winter, [Ryan’s] friends dig a long luge track through the many feet of snow that occupies their yard, and have competitive sled races to see who can make it down the giant hill in the least time. They call it the Mario Cup, after one of …

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Propeller-Android communications using debug mode

Here’s a new way to connect an Android phone and a Propeller microcontroller. It’s called the PropBridge and uses a very simple circuit with a voltage regulator, a couple of transistors, and a few resistors. The trick to this method lies in creative use of software features that already exist on Android hardware, the Android …

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The red security box donates Php4M to selected schools in the country

If it is red it must be Watchguard! And this red security box gave away millions yesterday.

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Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s parliamentary computer and the foreign and defence ministers’ machines are all suspected of being hacked, with China under suspicion, reports said Tuesday.

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CFL Breakdown

Reader [Jay] was inspired by one of our earlier articles and started digging around the web for some more information, and found a handy web page with tear downs and schematics of popular compact florescent lamps. Schematics are provided to 15 fairly common models including bigluz, isotronic, luxtek, maway, maxilux, polaris, brownie, Phillips, Ikea, Osram, …

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Quadcopter pair plays table tennis without the table

This pair of quad-rotor helicopters does a better job of keeping a ping-pong ball in the air than we could. The two flying drones are performing inside of the flying machine arena, a 1000 cubic meter indoor space surrounded by nets with a foam-padded floor. This makes for a prototype-friendly space, protecting the copters from …

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Printable gripping rover is wristwatch controlled

[Lars Kristian Roland] is using a wristwatch to control this rover. The bot itself is a utilitarian build with a gripper based on this Thingiverse project. As you can see in the video after the break, it’s got variable speed control based on accelerometer data from a TI ez430 Chronos wristwatch. The watch connects to …

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