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Don’t get on the wrong side of the cyber vigilantes

Caught on camera: Mary Bale received death threats after she was spotted throwing a cat into a wheelie bin Wednesday December 29 2010 If you are planning to be nasty to a cat or criticise earthquake victims for keeping your favourite shows off TV, watc…

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network security software

SAP Checklist II, “DARPA Security Review Checklist”, SEP 2008 …… Approved anti-virus software is installed and operational DCID 6/3 5.B.1 … 120 Secrecy Orders [R-5] – 100 Secrecy, Access, National Security … An application under national securi…

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UK bank lobby warns Cambridge over ‘chip and pin’ thesis

Bank lobby group The UK Cards Association has written to Cambridge University requesting the censorship of a student thesis concerned with vulnerabilities in the “chip and pin” transaction card systems used by the majority of the world’s banks.

The As…

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USC researchers hack Microsoft Kinect to play World of Warcraft

Researchers at USC have hacked a Microsoft Kinect camera and gotten it to control the hugely popular computer game, World of Warcraft. And the software they used to pull it off, known as Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit or FAAST, is dow…

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Thousand core processor could make computers twenty times faster

I’ll bet you think your fancy new quad-core processor is pretty cool, but it’s 996 cores short of this prototype thousand core processor that could potentially increase the speed of your computer by a factor of 20.

Making a processor with a thousand c…

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Mozilla site exposed 44,000 (encrypted) passwords

A database of inactive Mozilla usernames and passwords was exposed on the Internet earlier this month, the Mozilla Foundation disclosed on Tuesday.

The database, which contained 44,000 inactive user accounts for the site, was inadve…

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Apple readying three iPad 2 designs

According to the latest fear-eastern whispers, Apple is preparing to capitalise on the success of its iPad with three new designs lined up for early 2011. iPad 2 will arrive during the first quarter of the year, with some units heading for Apple outlet…

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Trying PC-BSD 8.2-BETA1

After reading PC-BSD 8.2-BETA1 Available for Testing last week I decided to give the latest version of PC-BSD a try on my ESXi server. I failed earlier to get the installation to succeed using PC-BSD 8.1, but I had no real issues with the new BETA1 ba…

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S.Korean court rules anti-rumour law unconstitutional

South Korea’s Constitutional Court ruled Tuesday that a clause in a telecommunications law that was used to crack down on Internet rumourmongers is unconstitutional.

It calls for up to five years in prison and up to 50 million won (44,000 dollars) in …

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