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  • Enjoy Hacking your Play Station Portable

    Enjoy Hacking your Play Station Portable

    If you are thinking of hacking PSP and not able to find out how to hack PSP then the following article would help you. If you have a PSP but are wondering how to install the firmware in PSP, then you forget your worries as you would be able to get some of the easiest ways to hack PSP. One of the ways is to install a game known as Lumines which after its installation installs the custom firmware also. By this you could also enjoy playing the game. You have often heard that hacking PSP renders you with many exciting features. This is true as most of the hackers have tried this and are now enjoying with its latest application.

    One of the ways to hack PSP is to replace the Sony official firmware with s cracked version and begin enjoying new games and many other application to have fun with. When you go to search for the custom firmware you would be able to find different type of firmware. To get the right one first look for which PSP you are working with. There are also options available to you to substitute the old icon with the custom icon or could install the custom games. The effective way is to close the UMD drive and then start playing the games straight from the memory stick. This would give you an advantage of saving thirty percent battery power.

    While you hack PSP with UMD drive it offers with several advantages. While using memory stick to load any track then it takes few second as a second and a half, on the contrary the games took more fifteen seconds to loan from UMD. Hence the use of memory stick directly would help in saving much time. Install all your games completely in memory stick. It is common that by doing so you would be restricted to some extent.

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    Mario tries his luck again fighting Bowser on Bob-Omb Battlefield. There’s still some fine tuning to do, but I may eventually release a patch of this. There’s also some music modifications in the title screen. You can find my Super Mario 64 Hacking notes/patches at:

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