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  • Three Steps to a MITM’ed Android Device

    In the first piece in this series we looked at an iPhone vulnerability which makes it easy for a hacker to hijack an iPhone's data connection, and the serious security implications this could have for your network. But the iPhone is by no means unique in being susceptible to data hijacking -- weaknesses in Android's UI and in its permissions granting mechanism mean that phones running Google's open source mobile OS can have their data connections hijacked just as easily. If the data connection is rerouted through a proxy under a hacker's control then they can browse the data and gather confidential information such as user names and passwords, which could then be used to compromise an entire corporate network. Android data hijacking was demonstrated by Roberto Gassira and Roberto Piccirillo, two researchers at Mobile Security Lab, at the Hack In The Box Security Conference 2010 in Amsterdam in July.

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